A Message from CBR Program Director on Recent Achievements - Capacity Building For Results Program

A Message from CBR Program Director on Recent Achievements

A Message from CBR Program Director on Recent Achievements

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. 

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you!

The Capacity Building for Results (CBR) Program - the initiative aimed at bringing reforms in government administrations for betterment in services delivery to the Afghan people features numerous achievements and tangible results in 1395 compared to past years. 

I appreciate the hardworking, efforts and commitment of the CBR technical teams in Line Ministries and Independent Administrations for jointly contributing to achieving the program ultimate goals. This would not be possible without a strong commitment and team work. The Afghan government’s commitment under the CBR Program was the recruitment of 800 individuals until the end of the fiscal year while we fortunately achieved higher than the target.

Moreover, reform plans of 15 ministries were developed and approved where some of the ministries have already taken proactive steps in the implementation of these reform plans. The CBR Program teams will regularly oversight the implementation of the reform plans and will report to the program Steering Committee accordingly. I, once again appreciate my colleagues for their hardworking.

Dear honorable friends, I would like to share some of the key points about the CBR Program: 

1-    The prime objective of the CBR Program is bringing reforms in some specific government institutions in order to ensure citizens’ easy access to better and efficient services.  

2-    The above objective leads to two main activities: a- Recruitment for specified posts, 2- Providing training for them.

3-    The administrations engaged in the CBR Program are obliged to develop a reforms plan and its implementation approach. Once the “Reforms Plan” is approved by the Program “Steering Committee”; its implementation is the line administration’s liability.

4-    Oversight of the recruitment process is a responsibility of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission (IARCSC).

5-    Providing technical assistance to the line ministries/agencies is the responsibility of CBR – Ministry of Finance Project Support Unit.

6-    There is a board in the Commission aimed at addressing complaints in light of the law. Also, an expert firm is hired under the Commission that assesses the documents of applicants who pass the tests for the jobs; the documents are submitted for contracting after approval. 20 percent of the recruitments have been rejected to the moment.

7-    There isn’t a dedicated regulation for recruitment at CBR, but the Civil Services law and its related frameworks and procedures are utilized.

8-    According to procedures in place, a single recruitment should be completed in not more than 48 days including the complaints (if any) being addressed. This is unfortunately a lengthy process, but, our efforts are continued into meeting the deadlines.


Lastly, in the fiscal year -1396, our main focus will be around the development of reforms initiatives and its implementation, because the future of the CBR Program relates not only to recruitments but to reforms likewise. Lastly, we will do much more on raising awareness about the CBR program and sharing information around it from now on.



Najibullah Wardak

CBR Program Director at the Ministry of Finance