CBR Organizes Coordination Meeting, Program Officials and Advisors (TAs) - Capacity Building For Results Program

CBR Organizes Coordination Meeting, Program Officials and Advisors (TAs)


January 10, 2017

The Capacity Building for Results (CBR) Program’s officials and Advisors meeting was attended by 60 CBR Program Advisors (TAs) based at various ministries and independent agencies, and the CBR Program officials. The meeting was commenced with presentations delivered by TAs at the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, the Ministry of Justice, Communications and Information Technology, and the Independent General Directorate of Kuchi; featuring the achievements, future plans and challenges – the CBR Program Director promised them with full and extensive support.

Secondly, the CBR Program Monitoring and Evaluation team provided the Advisors (TAs) with a detailed presentation regarding the new format of the CBR Proposal to ensure they have adequate information in this regard and face no disruption during the implementation phase of the proposals.

Moreover, Dr. Najibullah Wardak, the CBR Program Director at the Ministry of Finance appreciated the efforts carried out by the Advisors (TAs) towards achieving the Program’s goal in 2016 and emphasized that, meeting the target – the recruitment 800 individuals would not be possible without your tireless hard work. Mr. Wardak added that, it is time to turn our deep focus to bringing reforms and about positive change in the government institutions.


The Program Director also emphasized that, the CBR Program’s resources will be extended to those administrations which bring about results based reforms while these resources and support will be decreased on the administrations with fewer reforms brought in.


At the end, an appreciation trophy was granted to the CBR Program Director by the program staff for his dedication, phenomenal leadership and efforts carried out in 2016.


It is worth mention that, these meetings take place every three months for better cadence – next TAs Coordination Meeting will be organized in 3 months.