751 Civil Servants’ Recruitment Finalized in Various Administrations - Capacity Building For Results Program

751 Civil Servants’ Recruitment Finalized in Various Administrations


December 2006

As a result of consecutive meetings of the CBR Program officials at the Ministry of Finance and Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission (IARCSC), along with the help of senior leadership of the distinct ministries and independent directorates during past months – the recruitment process of 751 Civil Servants in 35 government administrations, under the Capacity Building for Results (CBR) Program has been finalized. 

Despite the defined targets not been achieved by these administrations; the recruitment process has been accelerated and the Recruitment Committees are working to achieve the defined targets.  

According to the Afghan government promises to the international community, the recruitment of 800 individuals under the CBR Program should be finalized until the end of the fiscal year. The recruitments are aimed at bringing reforms and attracting professional labor for specific tasks at the administrations.

Notwithstanding that the recruitment process has been speeded up in the recent months; Director of the CBR Program stated that, it will not affect quality in the process.

Below tables describe improvements in the recruitment process in various ministries and independent directorates – placed in category one and two.