Only two complaints out of 1000+ applicants signs a transparent recruitment process

April, 2017
The Capacity Building for Results (CBR) is a reform focused and strengthening the capacity of Afghan civil servants program. The Program’s primary objectives are: attracting professional cadre, business process simplification, establishing permanent capacity into Tashkil, improving development budget execution and decreasing dependency on parallel structures in government institutions. Recruitment under this program is meticulously and transparently processed.
One of the responsibilities of the CBR Project Support Unit at the Ministry of Finance is the recruitment of Technical Assistances (TAs) for the government institutions aimed at the development and implementation of these institutions CBR-Proposals. During last fiscal year, the Program Support Unit at MoF recruited 85 long term and mid-term TAs which have been processed based on proposals from the administrations engaged in the CBR Program with approval from the program’s Steering Committee.
According to reports of the Human Resources Unit of the CBR Program- MoF, 4000+ applications were received. Abdul Khaliq Mosawi, Head of the Unit said that, they have allowed the chance to the applicants for complaining in the entire process, but, only two complaints were registered – the complaints were addressed respectively.
Transparency in recruitment is one of the key priorities for the CBR Program. Dr. Najibullah Wardak, Director of the CBR Program at the Ministry of Finance expresses his satisfaction of the recruitment process and added that, the primary objective of the CBR Program is designing and implementing reforms in the government institution and the recruitment of short term TAs has been effective in this regard. Mr. Wardak emphasized on transparency in each process that will lead to increased credibility of the program to achieve defined goals.
The Capacity Building for Results Program was launched in 2012 with the primary objective to strengthen the capacity of government institutions for better services and is supposed to be completed until the end of the current fiscal year.