The Administrations Views’ Regarding CBR Training Programs Assessment Session Held

The session organized for the purpose of assessing the administration’s view points about the CBR training programs was held at the Capacity Building for Results (CBR) Program’s main office was attended by representatives of five Line Ministries. These representatives were from, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Commerce and Industries, the Ministry of Education, Communications and Information Technology and the Ministry of Energy and Water.
The primary objective of the session was to assess the view points and needs of the administration into for the CBR training programs; where the representatives spoke about their needs to training programs and requested the CBR Program to support these administrations in undertaking long term- Bachelor and Master degree levels and short term training programs inside the country and abroad; in order to bring positive changes in these ministries through capacity building.

The CBR Program Director at MoF, Dr. Najibullah Wardak stated that, since CBR is a reforms-focused program; its only objective isn’t recruitment only, therefore, we will turn more attention in bringing reforms and training programs. Mr. Wardak added that, organizing training programs is one of the priorities aimed at improving the capacity of civil servants.
According to the Program Director at MoF, concept of the training programs is prepared and will be shared the representatives of the ministries’ in coming weeks. The session is designed for two days and will be extended tomorrow with representatives from other ministries. The recruitment target under CBR is 1500 individuals where roughly 1000 recruitments have been finalized in the past year, therefore, the major part of 2017 will be focused on bringing reforms and training.