The CBR, Ministry of Finance Project Support Unit Celebrates the International Women’s Day

The celebration took place in CBR main office, where besides honoring women’s role in the society, female team members were appreciated, and their great work was recognized.

Dr. Najibullah Wardak, praised the tireless work and dedication of Afghan women in various sectors, and stated that one of the primary objectives of the CBR Program is to increase the role of women in civil services sector of Afghanistan.

He also highlighted that, the leadership of the CBR program is committed to this liability and will carry out further efforts towards achieving this objective in the current year.

Furthermore, Miss.Saida Faqirzada member of the Human Resources Unit of the CBR Program made the following statements “I appreciate the Program leadership’s commitment in upholding gender equality in the work place. Working environment in CBR is safe – mentally and physically and there is no concern in this regard”

Lastly, some gifts were also distributed to the female members of the team.

March 8 - International Women’s Day is celebrated each year in different manners in Afghanistan.