CBR gives written test for 27 provincial directorate positions, Ministry of Education

May 10, 2017
The written test for 27 provincial directorate positions of the Ministry of Education was held today in Civil Services Institute. 240 applicants were shortlisted for the written test of which 176 individuals attended the written test. According to Sayed Hamidullah, Deputy Minister for Admin and Finance, female participants have also been seen in the written test. He also added that, in light of CBR Program procedures transparency and effectiveness are the primary conditions of the written test and only the exam paper can decide for selection of the candidates.
In addition to this, the written test process was overseen by members of the parliament who expressed their satisfaction of the process. Mohammad Khan Suliman Khil stated that, he is clear about the written test because questions were prepared under the inspection of observers. He added that, once the entire process is led on the same manner; it will enable competent cadre to be recruited which is a positive impact of the CBR Program. And we praise this.
Moreover, Hameeda Nizami, one of the candidates for Kabul Directorate of Education expressed her satisfaction regarding the written test and stated that, she hopes the rest of the process are to be taken forward in the identical manner.