Steering Committee

The CBR Program Steering Committee (SC) is comprised of the Finance Minister, Chairman of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission and Deputy of Office of Administrative Affairs. The Committee is the main body overseeing CBR implementation and providing strategic guidance to both PSUs and through PSUs to the Line Ministries. The main activities of the Steering committee include:

MOF PSU has the secretariat role of the SC and is responsible for the organization of the meetings. The Steering Committee make a presentation on the project implementation status and progresses to the President every quarter and also present him an annual independent performance monitoring report.

  • Provide high oversight and strategic guidance to the project, reviewing implementation progress and working to resolve implementation bottlenecks
  • Assess and approve initial application forms and CBR proposals to be presented by the Line Ministries
  • • Approve the composition of the Advisory Groups (representative of MOF, OAA, MOEC, IARCSC and sector advisors) and Independent Expert Group (independent sector and general experts to review the proposal for quality, relevancy and realism and share their views with the Steering Committee through MOF PSU)
  • Report quarterly to the President and Cabinet of Ministers on the progress of the Program. President will receive quarterly progress status reports, bi-annual assessments and the annual performance monitoring report of the project
  • Overall supervision of the project’s implementation among the various implementing partners and within the approved budget, in order to meet the targets and desired impacts according to the agreed results framework