Procurement Unit

The Procurement Unit is responsible for all procurement activities of the Capacity Building for Results Program. The unit carries out procurement of all goods and services and provides non-consulting services for both PSUs (MoF & IARCSC).

The CBR Project procurement involves:

  • Procurement of consultancy services via firms under different components of the project such as HR Firm, Survey Firm, Logistic Firm, etc;
  • Consultancy of individuals such as consultants, trainers, etc and Non Consultancy Services mostly for the two PSUs;
  • Procurement of Goods.

The unit is composed of highly experienced procurement specialists whose overall activities are in accordance with the CBR Procurement Plan, and carry out the procurement process as per the procedures laid down in the CBR Procurement Manual.

Beside the above mentioned activities, the unit is also involved in all recruitment processes including the recruitment of all national and international consultants. CBR hired an HR firm who regularly observes the recruitment processes and works closely with both MoF and IARCSC PSUs on existing recruitment activities and developing tools and systems to improve the efficiency, transparency and effectiveness of the recruitment processes.