Monitoring & Evaluation Unit

The Monitoring and Evaluation unit leads the overall Monitoring and Evaluation of the Capacity Building for Results Program. The M&E aims to enhance effectiveness and quality in achieving CBR project development objectives through fostering a culture of results orientation.

The unit is consisted of highly qualified and experienced M&E Specialists who are engaged with the line ministries in the development of Results Framework (RF), and ensures expected results are consistent with the objective of the project.

The M&E unit regularly collects qualitative and quantitative data regarding the program activities, assesses and analyzes them and reports their findings to the CBR management and to the Steering Committee for effective oversight and decisions. Despite the above mentioned activities the unit also conducts quarterly and annual assessments of the CBR program implementation and progress in expected results and measures the progress based upon ministries performance indicators.

Beside the technical assistance the M&E unit provides to the line ministries, different necessary data collection, methodology and reporting tools are used to assist the line ministries in planning and carrying out effective monitoring and evaluation to track the results of CBR program. One of the important tools used by this unit has been the Result Framework (RF) which assists the CBR to assess the progress against the plan in achieving results, at the outputs, outcomes, and impact levels. The M&E unit monitors the progress of the line ministries on their respective results frameworks on quarterly basis.

The M&E unit measures the CBR program key outcomes by using the indicators: (a) Improvement in budget execution rates; (b) business process improvement; and (c) service delivery improvements in line ministries which are engaged with CBR and receive resources from the project. M & E Unit will be supported time to time by short or mid-term international assistance to capture the real picture of the progress and report it to the relevant stakeholders.

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