Component 2: Building Human Resources

Component two supports the continued implementation of broad civil service reform efforts and placement of critical managerial and professional staff resources in participating line ministries. Specifically, it provides the central public administration reform enabling environment for the implementation of a ministry‘s Capacity Building for Results Program. Ministries will be provided with skilled staffing groups on Tashkeel (civil service establishment), paid market competitive rates to assist in reform implementation and service delivery results. Across government, underlying civil service reforms are supported, including implementation of pay and grading. Component 2 is managed by the IARCSC in direct coordination with MoF, comprises four sub-components.

Subcomponent 2.1: Support to IARCSC for Civil Service Reforms:

This sub- component finances technical assistance to assist IARCSC with the implementation of reforms to

  • Enable the appointment of managerial, professional and common function staff on term contracts for key positions in line ministries;
  • Institutionalize appropriate human resource management and public administration policies and practices, including mainstreaming of gender through support for the government‘s gender policy, strengthening of performance evaluation, and support for a review of civil service regulations, salaries and incentives;
  • Implementation of pay and grading; and
  • Support for the sub-national reform process.

Subcomponent 2.2 Appointment of Managerial, Common Function and Professional Staff:

This subcomponent funds the costs associated with the salaries for CBR positions in participating line ministries. To contain the fiscal impact, recruitment will target suitably qualified Afghan nationals and will use remuneration levels. The salaries will be combined with fixed term appointments of up to five years subject to satisfactory annual performance review.

Subcomponent 2.3 Management Internship Program:

To complement the appointment of managerial, common function and professional staff as an immediate capacity building step, a management internship program will be established. The interns will be supported through training, mentoring and a rotation process across government for their first 2 years in the program; upon graduation, interns will have the opportunity to be promoted to junior level management posts in the civil service. The program includes scholarship opportunities for selected interns, once they complete two years of post-intern service as civil servants. The outcome of the management internship program will be reviewed at the end of year 2 and a decision will be taken on scaling up of the program.

Subcomponent 2.4 Consulting Services to Assist with Recruitment

Sub-component 2.4 finances the contracting of firms and individual consultants to assist the IARCSC in establishing and operating appropriate management structures and systems, policies and procedures.

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